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Lisa Maxwell at Dionis Beach


For 26 years I spent time on Nantucket, half of that time as a young child, from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Back then it was a remote and distant place. Untrodden and unknown. Remarkably, the area of Dionis beach where our cottage was did not change during that entire time, with the exception of what nature chose to do. Nantucket, the sea and salt air got absorbed into my flesh and bones year after year as I grew, where it remains, ingrained, and ever present today. It is one of the most beautiful places on earth. The sounds, smells, textures, colors, light and air are truly unique, and exclusively Nantucket.


These photos were taken in the 1980’s with what was a wonder of photography at the time, a Polaroid SX70 camera, so there are no negatives. But thanks to the wonders of today's technology, I have been able to reproduce and preserve them digitally, and now have prints that are in fact better than the originals. I am offering them as plain single prints, either with or without titles, depending on your preference.


I believe that the  nature of the SX70 film, the quintessentially Nantucket subjects, the slight amount of diffusion used in each image capture a unique, ethereal look at the island that is both timeless and nostalgic. A piece of the past, as I knew it, which is no longer quite there.


I hope you enjoy this collection, and thank you for looking.